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Why Is My Chili Plant Not Flowering? (4 Useful Tips)

Chili peppers are amazing! They have anti-cancer, antioxidant, and many vitamins that strengthen the immune system. They also stimulate the metabolism and are suitable for people with diabetes.

Chili plants are excellent for health and also to give a special touch to your dishes and sauces. Plus, they can be grown just as quickly as most other plants.

However, it is very common that these plants’ cultivation can be more demanding on some occasions. This can occur either due to diseases and pests or because the flowers fall on your plants without forming chili peppers.

Other reasons can influence the growth of chili peppers or the plants themselves, and therefore, Below, we will show you all the information you need to know to solve all the growth problems of your chili plants.

How To Make Your Chili Plant Grow

Before starting, it is essential to determine the growing problem of your chili plant. Thus, we will present some common factors that can affect your plants and some tips for your chili plants to grow and thus have an abundant harvest.

Germination Time For Pepper Plants

Most types of chili plants germinate after about seven days. However, some species in which the germination process can take up to a month or even four months.

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We recommend starting with the sowing of seeds at the beginning of spring to obtain good germination, and it is recommended to use a germinator.

If you choose to use the germinator, you have to make sure to place it in a warm place so that the soil temperature stays around 23 �.

Remember to be careful about overwatering the soil because a pepper seed can rot if the soil is too wet.

Old Chili Seeds Are Less Likely To Germinatee

In case you are going to sow your seeds, you must take into account their age. The older the seeds, the less likely they are to germinate.

You must also follow the steps to save the seeds well because seeds that are not well dried or stored will have a reduced probability of germinating.

Even if they germinate, they may not be viable enough and only produce a couple of leaves, so you’re going to have a poorly growing plant.

If you keep your seeds, you always have to put a date on the bag and keep it in a Tupper or well-closed container.

What Temperature To Grow My Chili

The chili pepper’s temperature is also an important factor and can have an adverse effect on the seed because chili seeds like heat.

The optimum temperature is between 23 and 28 degrees Celsius for germination, especially for hotter peppers.

However, most seeds will germinate at a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius.

If it is too cold, the seeds rot or produce weak plants. Also, for the growth of your plants, it is essential that they receive enough sun and that it is not cold.

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For this reason, we recommend a constant growth temperature above 20 degrees and at night, not below 14 degrees.

Is It Important What Soil I Use To Grow Chili?

If your chili plants are not growing well, the soil can also cause this problem.

You have to be careful that there is no moss or fungus formation in the soil because this will have a negative effect on your plant’s growth.

For pots, it is recommended to use good quality soil and mix a little coconut fiber so that you can obtain an excellent neutral pH and so that the soil is well ventilated and so that it has oxygen, you can choose to use pearls.

This way, the roots can also grow better, suitable for a healthy and robust plant.

Another option is to mix the soil with the eggshell because the eggshell’s calcium will dissolve and protect the soil from blossom end rot.

Young plants need to have a stable warm temperature to develop and grow best in a healthy plant.

If you want to move your plants to a pot, you will have to wait once they have different sets of leaves, at least four leaves, and you must also take care that the temperature stays around 20 � to 23 � degrees.

The Size Of The Pot

Another very limiting factor for some varieties of chili peppers is the size of the pot. Some plants will need a more bottomless pot for a bountiful harvest.

If the pot where you have your chili plant is tiny, your plant will bear fruit in smaller pots, but you will never get fruits of a very large size, and you will also have less harvest compared to a plant in a large deep pot.

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The pots’ diameter can be 40 centimeters, but we recommend that the pot’s depth be 45 to 50 cm or more for those plants that can reach a height of 150 centimeters.

Do Your Pepper Plants Get Enough Water And Sun?

This is a significant cause of your plants not growing correctly, chili plants should be planted in full sun, and the soil should not be too humid, partly also because if the soil is too humid, your chili peppers will be less hot.

Here are a few useful tips for growing chilis:

  • 1. Remember that the most important thing for your chili plants to grow correctly is that the plants receive a lot of sunlight at a suitable temperature and that the sowing is done at the beginning of spring or even a little earlier so that the plants can chile are well developed in early summer.
  • 2. In the growing season, it is better to limit the plant’s watering so as not to give them too much water, since, as we mentioned earlier, the rule is that the more you water, the less hot your peppers will be.
  • 3. If your chili plant grows well, it is good to support the plants with short poles to protect them from the wind. The plant’s stem also forms a thicker outer layer when outside, and this is because the plants get a bit of wind every day and protect themselves against breakage. Leaving your plants outside will make them exceptionally strong.
  • 4. At the end of the summer, when the chilies are red or intense yellow and are ready to harvest, we will have to put some to dry and remove the seeds to harvest again next year.

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