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What Will Happen If I Grow A Strawberry Plant Under Grow Lights?

It is possible to grow strawberry plant under grow lights and it is not just a strawberry plant you can grow indoors using grow lights, but also other plants.

A strawberry will thrive indoors with the right lighting and environment.

However, strawberries react differently to the various lighting conditions. For one, a strawberry can produce more fruit when exposed to blue lighting with its stems longer, lesser leaves, and longer petioles.

Strawberries exposed to red light react the same way by producing more fruits as well.

Using neon lights, on the other hand, increases the anthocyanin levels in the fruit.

There are different lightings to choose from and will also have a positive effect on the growth of the strawberries indoors. Full-spectrum lights can provide natural sun-like light and are also preferred by indoor strawberry growers.

Are LED lights Good For Strawberry Plants To Make Them Grow?

LED lights are an excellent choice as they can be placed near the plants without emitting high heat compared to traditional lights. The temperature LED lights emit, ranges between 104 to 140 Fahrenheit.

This type also saves you on electricity cause you can use smaller LED bulbs near the plant without drying the strawberry plant.

LED grow lights have a higher PAR value or Photosynthetically Active Radiation, which is the light-heavy utilized by the plant, so it can bear fruit with ideal size.

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LED also operates on infrared and ultraviolet light-scale, plus the lighting is better in strawberries because there is less chance of burning the plant with its low heat factor.

Using light timers may be ideal as well, so you need not turn the lights off and on every time. Your strawberry plant also needs rest time from the lighting. You don’t need to provide your strawberries an entire day of lighting, and you need spacing as well.

Using LED lights may cost you more to purchase, but it will not be costly in electricity use.

HPS lighting or High-Pressure Sodium and Fluorescent Tube Lights For Growing Strawberry Plants

We consider HPS lights an efficient light source for your plants producing 140 lumens per watt of energy. You need to ensure, though, that your strawberries are spaced correctly from the lights, or the high temperature can burn your plant. You also need to consider a cooling source, so there is a balance of temperature in the room.

This type of lighting may cost you more in electricity, as compared to LED lighting, but will cost less when you purchase them.

This lighting system uses an electromagnetic spectrum to help stimulate the growth of the plant, mirroring the work of regular sunlight. The bulb may not last long, and you may need to replace the bulb from time to time.

Fluorescent Lightings

A T5 or T8 tube may be used when you choose fluorescent as grow lights for your strawberries. This light costs less than LED lights.

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Known to be effective as well when you want to grow strawberries indoors using grow lights. You may need to get it early and place the seeds and let the plants adjust to the lightings daily.

The amount of heat this lighting emits is not much or not that hot and does not use too much electricity, but can support the requirement of your strawberry plant for sunlight. You may also need to pair it with cooling fans to level the temperature.

Requirements For Growing Strawberries Indoors

  • Right location. The location or the area where you will set up your indoor garden is important cause even if you have grow- lights and your plants are also exposed to any hint of coldness or air conditioner, this may not be an ideal location for your strawberries. Make sure that your plant is exposed to grow lights not over 16 hours a day.
  • The right soil. Slightly acidic soil with a suitable pH ranges anywhere between 5.3 to 6.5, but you can also use neutral soil, as long as the other considerations are met. Your soil should be well-draining soil with the required fertilizer or a mixture of organic matter.
  • Water. Keeping the soil slightly moist and not overly soaked with water. If there are enough grow lights, then just the right water is required unless there are fewer grow lights your plant is exposed to, it will need additional moisture. Water your plant every morning and same time every day, so your plant will get used to the schedule as well.
  • Fertilizer. Do not use too much fertilizer, as this can also burn your plants. Just use enough and follow what is written in the instruction for the fertilizer. You may ask help from plant professionals regarding fertilizing your indoor strawberry plant. Also, check the additive used in making the fertilizer, such as Calcium and Magnesium, as this is a requirement for plant growth.
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Watch out for overfertilization, and this is when your strawberry plant shows signs of wilting leaves, brown-colored leaves, or signs of overall drying even at the stems.

Trimming Of Strawberry Plants And When To Harvest

Remove any damaged leaves so the other part of the plant will not get affected. This helps the plant to grow better without the presence of unhealthy parts.

You may do the trimming after your strawberries bear fruits. Remove the foliage and leave the young leaves to grow big and healthy.

So you have a steady supply of red and ripe strawberries right at your fingertips. As soon as the berries are red, then it is ready to get picked cause the earlier you pick them up, the more sweet and fresh the strawberries will be.

Even if you are growing your strawberries indoors, there is still a slight chance that fungi may also get to your plants if you have incorrect lighting provision for your plants. Fungi are opportunist and once there is even a slight hint of moisture in your plants, less the availability of sunlight can help the fungi to thrive.

Mites and aphids can also find their way to your plants, even when indoors. Keeping your plants well-lighted and well-cared for is the key to growing healthy strawberry plants indoors.

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