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How Long Does It Take For Green Tomatoes To Turn Red Once Picked?

The answer is: 3 to 4 weeks at 10 to 15 degrees centigrade while 18 to 20 degrees centigrade will make them ripen in two weeks.

Although you can ripen your tomatoes on the vine, you also need to know how long it would take for harvested green tomatoes to turn red once you picked them.

You can hasten the ripening of your tomatoes if this is what you prefer, but with no help, green tomatoes can turn red on their own after 3 to 4 weeks at a temperature of 10 to 15-degree centigrade while a higher temperature of 18 to 20-degree centigrade can ripen your tomatoes in two weeks. 

One other thing that you must refrain from doing with your green tomatoes is keeping them refrigerated cause it will stop them from turning red. 

If you need to hasten the reddening of your tomatoes for any purpose, you only need to place some in a paper bag, which will keep the tomatoes warm and keep them in a place away from direct sunlight. You will have red tomatoes fast. 

Another method is by just placing them in a well-ventilated area at room temperature. It should not have a cool temperature, or your green tomatoes will not redden as fast. You can check the progress from time to time, and you can even turn each tomato while checking them. If the place is cool, it will take months for your green tomatoes to ripen.

How To Get You Tomatoes To Ripen Faster

Using bananas to help ripen the tomatoes fast is also allowed cause the bananas also release ethylene that helps in the ripening process. 

Placing your green tomatoes in a cardboard box is another method. You can line the cardboard with a paper towel or even an old newspaper, then place the first layer of tomatoes, and you can put another layer on top, but as you know, tomatoes can bruise easily, so it might not be the best idea. Placing the box in a humid area is ideal, but should be away from direct sunlight. 

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You can double-check on your tomatoes from time to time and make sure that there are no rotting tomatoes in the bunch. 

Harvesting the whole plant that has many unripe tomatoes, and you can hang the whole lot in your basement or cellar. As long as the entire plant and the fruits are intact and are hanging, not placed directly on the floor, then you just need to observe the ripening of your tomatoes for a few days or a week or so.

One other way to hasten the reddening of your green tomatoes is by wrapping each tomato in a newspaper, then arranging everything in a box with some parts of the newspaper open to avoid any molding if ever there is the presence of moisture. 

What to do if you find yourself saddled with boxes of ripe tomatoes?

  1. Some people usually freeze their ripe tomatoes if they don’t have any immediate use for them. It can be cooked first, or it can be pureed before you freeze it. They use it for sauce, soups, and stews.
  2. Use it for tomato sauce and whip up some spaghetti for a sumptuous meal. Boiling ripe tomatoes and putting some herbs and spices will do the trick. You are not throwing the ripe and red tomatoes, but instead finding further use for it. 
  3. Creating your own salsa using the red tomatoes. If you have a batch of ripened tomatoes, some onions, and garlic, plus herbs and spices, you can easily mix some salsa dip that you can enjoy with the entire family. 
  4. Making some tomato soup, which is a classic and well-loved by many. Tomatoes with some seasonings and other ingredients will give you a simmering tomato soup in a flash. Cream and cheese can be added to the mix. 
  5. Whipping up some tomato jam is another idea that you can make out of those red tomatoes that you don’t want to waste. Add some lemon, sugar, and salt in the simmered tomatoes, add fennel seeds, cinnamon, vinegar, cumin, and coriander, and you will have a jelly to spread liberally on your bread. 

Tips On Preserving Green Tomatoes

Canned sliced tomatoes

Easy to prepare and require some additional ingredients. Salt is one important ingredient. It can be used as a main dish, dessert, or a vegetable to go with meat and other meat. 

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Freezing green tomatoes

Washing and removing the core is essential. Peeling the tomatoes is required as well. You can cut it into cubes or slices and place it in plastic freezer bags. It can be as a main dish, added to salad and desserts. A simple vegetable that you can add to fish, meat, and poultry dishes. 

Drying Green Tomatoes

Green tomatoes must be chopped in cubes, but must be peeled and cored first. Drying it in the dehydrator is required, then once done, you can store it in glass jars. 

Why Do You Need To Harvest Your Green Tomatoes Before They Can Ripen Naturally?

Harvesting before the weather gets colder. Plant owners may sometimes need to harvest their produce before the weather kills them. They will not ripen if left on the plant, but they will have a chance to ripen even after picking. 

When there is an expected storm. It may force some owners to harvest their produce before the storm arrives, since their hard work will be for nothing if a powerful storm will just damage their crop. 

When insects are eating away at your tomatoes. Sometimes as much as you put effort to keep these pests away from your plants, they damage your crops, and it will leave you with tomatoes that have chew marks, and worst some have rotten parts. 

You may pluck your tomatoes early even if it is still green cause you can do something about it even after harvest. 

When birds are flocking on your tomatoes. You can only do so much with your tomatoes, but once birds notice your ripening tomatoes, they will get attracted to it cause they will find tomatoes thirst-quenching, especially mockingbirds. It may force you to remove your tomatoes before it all gets eaten.

Too much tomato fruit. This is also called fruit overload and you may need to lessen the tomatoes present so that the new blossoms will have the chance to emerge. You can help the plants by removing some of their burdens. 

Helping the plant have a manageable weight. This is important, especially when you have tomato plants that have booming fruits. The weight may be too much for the plants if there are too many tomatoes. Branches won’t have the chance to split, to still have a high yield. 

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If you notice your tomatoes not ripening on the vine. You may need to help your plants by removing the tomatoes and helping them ripen. You can place the green tomatoes at room temperature and let it ripen by itself, or you can also put them on the windowsill as long as it is not directly hit by sunlight. It will redden on its own after a few days, depending on the temperature of its surroundings. 

When the owner requires using green tomatoes. You can harvest your tomatoes if they are still green in color if you need to use green tomatoes for any purpose.

To avoid splitting. Sometimes when tomatoes are left on the vine, and it is already ripening, you may find it splitting the next day, so if in case it rains, you can find your tomatoes on the ground after. Best to harvest the tomatoes early.

When you won’t have the time to harvest them when they ripen. You may need to decide when you need to pick all the green tomatoes, especially if you will not be home to do the harvest. It may be best to do it early instead of waiting for you to be back to do the task and find out everything has fallen on the ground. 

Some Good And Useful Tips About Tomatoes And Their Harvest

  • If you don’t want your newly harvested green tomatoes to turn red fast, put them in a room with a cooler temperature instead of the usual room temperature. This will slow the ripening process. 
  • If you are harvesting the tomatoes, it would be wise to harvest with the stem attached instead of pulling the tomatoes off the stem. It is better to store the tomatoes with it as it slowly ripens. 
  • Tomatoes with removed stems may not rot easily if it is stored side down. 
  • Keep the damaged tomatoes from undamaged ones, you can do this by checking on your tomato collection and removing pieces that may rot or which are ripened fully. 
  • Do not throw away overly ripe tomatoes cause you can still put them to good use. 
  • Keep insects away from the green tomatoes that you are trying to ripen, there are fruit flies that can smell ripening tomatoes from miles away. Placing some cloves of garlic near your ripening tomatoes as this is an offensive smell for fruit flies. Keep the area clean at all times. 
  • Never store your newly harvested green tomatoes in the fridge cause this will destroy the flavor and will stop the ripening process. 

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