Small bonsai tree

What Is The Quickest Way To Grow A Bonsai? (Easy To Follow Advice)

Growing Bonsai trees is a Japanese art form and has been practiced for years. You will love the way the big trees grow into their miniature form.

You will even get to see flowers and fruits growing on them. You can take it as your hobby or business both will be rewarding. 

However, growing the same requires skills, patience, and passion too. You have to commit to the trees and help them grow faster.

If you are beginning from the seeds, you have to wait longer. As a gardener, you have to make sure that the plants are healthy, and they have thick roots.

Fortunately, there are ways you can speed up the growth of your miniature trees. Check out the below points. 

What Plant Is Good For Growing Easy And Fast Bonsai Trees?

If you have less time to spend after a bonsai tree, you need a fast-growing one.

You need to know the speed processes for it. The first thing you can do is to choose faster-growing trees.

With these, you won’t have to wait for a lifetime, as they will develop their roots, branches, and trunks faster than other trees.

You will find various fast-growing plants and they are evergreens, succulent and coniferous ones.

You have to choose the ones that give flowers, have left the entire year and comes in different shapes and colors. 

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There are some trees you can start with like maple, snowdrop trees, Japanese black pine, jade plants, Chinese junipers, boxwood shrubs, and so on.

Some trees can withhold any atmosphere and lifestyle. You just have to decide in which corner you want to place the plants. Some trees grow better in colder weather, so you need to protect them from outside heat.

On the other hand, faster-growing trees require more care than the slower ones.

How Fast Do Bonsai Trees Grow?

For the normal growth of a miniature tree, you must know that it takes 10 to 15 years.

It also depends on the different variables and conditions the trees are growing.

If you start from the seeds, then, it will take 4 years to sprout, and then you have to size and wire the trees. 

Some influencers help the growth of your Bonsai trees. You have to provide the required sunlight, water, nutrients, as you have to apply fertilizers proper for these types of trees.

You have to go for pruning and check if the trees are affected by some insects or diseases.

Also, you have to keep the plants in a perfect environment. 

Search For Young Trees 

This is one way to grow your Bonsai trees faster, you have to choose young trees. It will have a thinner trunk, and they are available in perfect sizes.

You can compare the growth of the same with a seed plant. Bonsai trees are similar to normal plants, and they require pruning and are sized to remain short. This means you have to select any type of tree for bonsai.

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However, you have to keep in mind that there are faster-growing trees, like Japanese maples, Junipers, Chinese elms, and so on.

There are also various factors you have to check when you want to choose a sapling. In the case of an ideal plant, it will have a small trunk and leaves and are naturally tapered.

To put it simply, it must have a wider trunk, which can slowly become narrower to the head.

You also have to check the length of the branches to make sure that the lower branches are longer and the top ones are shorter. You have to avoid selecting a weak trunk or large leaves.

It will be best if you go for young trees that have natural growth so that you can prune them and give them the desired shape. 

Keep Lots Of Thin Roots

Bonsai trees require better rootwork so that they can live in shallow water.

When you put the tree in a small pot, it will get limited nutrients and water, so the roots will grow faster.

If you use a shallow pot, the plant will grow into one place. If you do not prune the plant, the pot will be saturated with soil and roots and dry out quickly.

This is the reason you have to trim the roots and make sure it stays healthy and grow faster. If your plant is getting weak, you have to risk slow growth. 

It’s in the hands of the atmosphere that how frequently you have to prune your miniature trees. The growth of the plants is also important to consider.

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If you choose a slow-growing tree, you need to prune them once a year. But for fast growth, you have to prune the plant roots more frequently.

It will be perfect to prune the plants during slow growth seasons, that is in the early spring and later fall. 

Thicken The Trunk

After you have developed a system of small, thin roots for your plants, the next task is to grow tapered and thick trunks.

Growing a thicker trunk will take a long time, and sometimes it can be as long as 5 years. A miniature tree requires a thick trunk because the same support the plants against the elements.

The second reason is that the thick trunk carries nutrients and water to the leaves and transports carbohydrates to the roots and leaves. If your bonsai has a thicker trunk, the tree will last long. 

There are some methods your trees can get thicker trunks and quicker. The best way to achieve the same is to split the trunk.

Splitting the same will give you a fast result.

You have to physically split the trunk, just at the middle, and use wires to keep the half parts separated as they heal naturally. 

A Balanced Diet For Your Bonsai Makes It Grow Faster 

You have to provide enough nutrients for your plant to grow. As Bonsai trees do not have enough space to get the nutrients, you have to use fertilizers.

The same can increase the growth of your trees, as it will provide enough minerals and vitamins to the roots.

It will help the plants to grow thick branches and roots.

For faster growth, you have to use fertilizers like potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorous. 

There are other things you have to ensure to get a quick growth of your bonsai trees.

You have to place the plants in a bigger pot and maintain their health.