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What is the Fastest Way to Grow a Fruit Yielding Apple Tree?

When planting an apple tree, it is useful to understand the best way to grow it, understand if it can be profitable and what is best for the tree to produce the best quality apples.

In this article, I am going to talk about these topics as well as how fast it takes to grow an apple tree.

When growing an apple tree, there are few things you can do to increase its speed. The truth is that growing an apple tree is a long-term commitment.

It will take years before the tree bears fruit and even then, it will be small. There are a lot of different types of apple trees with each of their own benefits. When growing an apple tree, I recommend choosing the tree that will bear the best fruit even if it takes longer.

Of course, all apple trees are nice, but you want the best return on investment. Most apple trees can’t be grown in weather warmer than zone 8. This means that apple trees must be grown in cooler places and can’t stand the heat.

Apples are the most common fruit grown in the northern climates. The fact is that most apple trees can handle the heat for a period of time, but it must have a certain amount of hours in cooler weather (weather which is below 45 F).

What is the Best Location to Grow Fast Fruit Yielding Tree?

Calculating these numbers can be quite tricky, so you can either do the math or if you live in the northern U.S or Canada, you can plant one there.

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There are also calculators online which can be used. When planting an apple tree, make sure there is lots of space. Most apple trees need at least 700 to 1000 chill hours.

If you have a smaller yard, ask your neighbors if it is fine because there will one day be apples dropping in their yard. 

Reverse Engineer From Your Own Favourite Apples

Have an idea of what type of apple tree you want. Do you want green sour apples, crab apples, red delicious apples, etc.

You can try a variety at your local grocery store which can give you a good idea but aren’t exact as to how it will turn out. I recommend Red Delicious apples or Pink Lady. Gala apples and Red Jonathan apple trees are also good options.

Understand that apple trees also need pollen from other apple trees in order to produce fruit. So you might have to grow two trees, or if there is just one around, then there is no need. 

How Long Does It Take For My Apple Tree to Yield Apples?

Most apple trees and pear trees last for about 50 years. If you plan to grow a crabapple tree, it can start bearing fruit as soon as 2 to 3 years after planting. Most of the other apple trees, however, take up to 8 years before it bears any fruit. That is that the trees get at least 8 hours of sunlight a day and it is located in the right zone.

Here are three main points to grow an apple tree that yields fruit fastere:

  • Fertilization
  • Pests
  • Support
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When you pick a location for the apple tree, just like any other plant, it needs fertilization. You can plant a tree without fertilizing the ground at first, but the quality of apples can lose nutrients if there are none in the ground.

It shouldn’t cost too much to buy fertilizer and place it beside the tree. These nutrients are necessary for the tree and if you do this, the apples will increase in quality. Also fertilizing it will produce a very nice tall tree (not a limped weak one).

It is recommended that when growing an apple tree, use bars or posts to support the base of the tree. While it is young, it can be weak and find it hard to hold up the weight of apples so training the tree can assist it until it gains strength.

Also, beware of pests that invade the area. You may want to put pesticide on the apples, but if you do, it is best to wash them before consumption.

There are organic pesticides, but if you want to be pesticide-free, you can tie paper bags around each apple. This takes a lot of time, so this may be a long road. 

When an apple tree is young, there may be dead branches or what seems to be dead branches, but they are actually living.

I remember I tried cutting bushes down thinking they were dead. I ended up keeping them and it ended up growing lively leaves next year. If you find a dead branch, you can clip it off or you can wait a year to see if it bears fruit or leaves. 

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How to Plant Your Apple Tree The Right Way

You begin planting the tree in an area where there are no weeds. You want to clear it out including grass in a 4 to 5-foot circle.

Nest, you want to buy the tree and protect it from drying out. If it does, soak it in water for a day. Most apple trees require another apple tree around, so if you are planting one of these, then you will need to plant another no further than 2,000 feet away. However long the roots are, that’s how deep you want the hole to be. Maybe a little more.

Place the tree’s roots and add soil in a loose fashion. Make sure the roots are spread out and remove any air pockets. You don’t want to add fertilizer early as this can “burn” the roots.

Make sure the soil is loose under and pat it on top. When it grows a little, give the tree support with bars or something. This prevents uprooting. 

Growing an apple tree takes hard work and dedication but will be worth it. If you follow these steps while watering the tree once every 7 to 10 days, your tree will be healthy fruit-bearing in a few years. Have a vision of how you want the area to look like 10 years from now, and with dedication and hard work, it will pay off. 

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