Succulent in container

Why Is The Succulent In My Terrarium Rotting (How To Avoid Rot)

Though it is interesting to grow long-lasting decorative or mini-plants in terrariums but several succulents rot in them due to various reasons.

In this article, we are going to shed light on some of the common reasons behind rotting succulents and how to avoid it.

Select The Right Terrrium For Your Succulent

The container you choose for making a terrarium should be suitable for the nature of the succulents you want to grow in it.

The container should not be closed and also have good ventilation and drainage system so that your plants can grow well in a low humidity environment.

The container you choose must be open enough to provide enough air and retain heat and moisture required by the plants you grow in it whether they are succulents, carnivorous, or air plants.

Don’t Overwater Succulents

The second most common reason for rotting succulents in terrariums can be watering the plants excessively.

Plants usually rot due to the growth of mold when they are over watered. To avoid this situation either you should not water them too much or make holes in the terrarium for proper drainage of water.

If the leaves of your succulents become soft and lose their firmness then overwatering can be the reason behind their rotting.

Plants can be too big in size: Your succulents can rot or die in your terrarium if your plants are too long than the size of your container. Longer plants may rot quickly by catching water while touching the sides of the container.

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What Happens If You Grow Different Plants With Different Requirements Together?

Sometimes people mix plants with different requirements to grow in their terrariums, which is not right. If you want to mix various types of succulents then their requirements must be similar so that you can easily take care of them.

While growing succulents you can mix air plants or mosses as they require a similar environment to grow properly.                                     

Lack of light: Most succulents grown in terrariums need bright light to grow properly but not direct sunlight. If the leaves of succulents start drooping and get discolored and the plant starts tilting then it can be due to lack of bright light.

So for faster growth of your succulents, you should put your terrarium near the west-facing window or in a well-lit area to get bright light but not in direct sunlight.

Too much fertilization: Another common reason for rotting succulents in the terrarium is excessive fertilization of the plants. It is not necessary that strong fertilization of the plants can help them in growing fast as it can be harmful to the plants.

They may grow faster even in soil with poor nutrition but containing plants friendly insects. Most of the terrarium plants rarely need fertilization.

You can spray these plants with fertilizer containing potassium and nitrogen after every two months for their proper growth.

Under-watering: Like overwatering, under-watering is also harmful to succulents grown in terrariums. People usually commit this mistake due to a lack of knowledge in this regard.

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If the leaves of succulents become yellow, dry, and crispy and start falling as well as the plant starts folding after becoming soft then it indicates that they are under-watered.

In this condition, before watering your succulents you should allow the soil to dry and remove the yellow leaves. Now water the plants in the terrarium at least once in two weeks.

Too much heat and light: Though succulents in terrarium need an adequate amount of light and heat for proper growth but they can rot and dry with too much exposure to light and heat.

They should not be kept in direct sunlight for more than an hour. You can put the terrarium near the away from direct sunlight.

Lack of circulation of air: Your succulents in the terrarium may start rotting and die if they do not get enough air circulation.

The proper circulation of air in the terrarium can help in drying up the soil and prevent the trapping of water in their leaves, which in turn will save your plants from rotting.

Avoid adding a layer of charcoal: A layer of charcoal at the bottom of the terrarium can help in draining out excess water from it as well as regulating the flow of air into the terrarium.

Your succulents in the terrarium will not rot if a layer of charcoal is laid on the soil as it can also help in fighting with mold and fungus and bad smells.

The layer of charcoal in the terrarium can keep all the plants safe that need watering and soil.

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What Happens If My Terrarium Is Not Properly Mainained?

The maintenance of terrarium is extremely necessary if you want that your succulents to live for a long time. If you see any dirt inside the glass of the terrarium then you should clean it.

Though it is fine if your terrarium fogs up infrequently but you should open its lid and wipe it with tissue paper at least once a week if you constantly see drops of water inside it.

You should also ensure to remove dead leaves of your plants in the terrarium to avoid the growth of fungus and mold in it due to decaying or rotting of the plants.

Sometimes mushrooms and mold can grow in the terrarium. You should remove them as soon as possible to avoid rotting your succulents otherwise they will kill your plants after spreading in their different parts.

You should cut the affected part of the plant and replant it to save the unaffected part of the plant as well as other plants in the terrarium as rotten, moldy, and soft plants can infect other plants also. The risk of fungus in your terrarium can increase if you do not remove excess water and dead leaves from it.

Thus, the succulent in your terrarium can rot due to the reasons discussed in this write-up. You can ensure a long life for your succulents in the terrarium by avoiding the mistakes mentioned above. You will have to take care not only of your plants but also of your terrarium for the proper growth of your plants.