Tall grass

If You Don’t Cut Grass How Tall Will It Grow?

A question might arise in the minds of many people regarding what exactly will happen to their grass in case they stop cutting it.

If you like to find a suitable answer to this question as well as some related information, then go on to read this article from start to finish.

Your Grass Continues To Grow

Your lawn is going to grow substantially in case you do not mow it for an extended period of time. This is quite natural since you mow for maintaining its height. 

Taking away all types of cutting will enable your grass to continue developing. This growth will become more during summer and spring since the lawn is going to be exposed more to the sun for a longer span of time.

Although you might not have a fast-developing variety such as Kikuyu turf, the grass can be expected to develop quite fast. 

The Lawn Gets Patchy

Nobody likes to have tall turf grass in their lawns since these are considered to be unattractive. The tall grass has an inconsistent appearance with several blades becoming much taller as compared to the others.

The grass might go to seed after extended periods without mowing and this can cause the blades to appear just like weeds rather than grass. 

Apart from lessened curb appeal, the tall grass can prove to be risky for the homeowner as well. In fact, property owners are required by many states to mow their lawns at regular intervals.

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In case a neighbor does complain, the homeowner might face fines in the long run.

It Turns Out To Be Messy

One obvious result of growing excessively tall grass is that your lawn might appear to be quite messy and unruly. Besides lessening your street appeal, it might likewise cause havoc in case you need to go to the other side of your property through the lawn.

The tall grass might welcome snakes, insects, and other unwelcome pests as well.

In fact, the tall grass and the shady area will be ideal for the snakes which can prove to be perilous for you as well as your family members. 

It might likewise be risky to tread through or even go near the grass because of the limited vision allowed by it. 

Mowing Issues When Your Grass Is Too Tall

It will be feasible to lessen the stress of mowing by getting rid of one-third of the height of the grass.

In case you allow a considerable period of time between mowing, you might find it quite tough to remain within the suggested guidelines.

The best option will be to set the mower higher and reduce the height gradually. It might be difficult for the mower to cut down tall grass even though the blade height is increased.

For this, you will need a sharp blade and you should also move slowly which will allow the mower to function effectively in cutting the tall grass. 

Unnecessary Glass Clippings And Unhealthy Grass

When your tall grass is mowed, the clippings which are left behind are much longer plus difficult to manage.

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In case the lawn is mowed on a regular basis, the short clippings will be falling to the ground easily and this will help to make the soil rich in nutrients.

Grass clippings that are longer will be sitting above the lawn surface in unappealing clumps.

Moreover, the clippings will also prevent the sunlight from reaching the turf grass which can affect its development to a great extent. In case you mow the lawn frequently, it will help to minimize the clumped heaps of grass clippings.

In case you do not mow your lawn regularly to the desired height, it can be less healthy as compared to a manicured lawn.

In case in excess of one-third of the length of the blade is cut for correcting overgrown grass, the lawn might stop developing or might require additional irrigation in the long run.

The grass will become weakened because of the slow development of roots. In fact, if your lawn is covered with weak grass, it will be more prone to pests, disease, as well as weeds.

Mowing on a regular basis for keeping the height of the grass between a couple of inches will help to keep the lawn vibrant and it will be capable of resisting damage.

What Is The Ideal Height For Cutting The Grass?

All grasses have an ideal height for mowing. It hardly matters whether you are tending warm-season turf or cool-season grass your type of grass comes with a particular height requirement.

If you are able to maintain the lawn at the proper height, your turf will become lush and healthy which will be able to fend off weeds, disease, and drought easily.

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You might be of the notion that in case you mow the grass shorter, you need to cut it less frequently.

However, this concept is not true. If you stick to your belief then you will be laying the foundation for a lawn that will be vulnerable to various issues. Grass which is cut excessively short can be more vulnerable to drought, weed invasion, as well as heat damage.

In case you allow the grass to develop excessively long between the cuttings, you can be responsible for creating an appropriate habitat for snakes, mosquitoes, mice, and other dangerous creatures.

It is also quite difficult to mow grass that is excessively long and you might be required to work more because of the extra-long clippings which will be needed to be bagged or raked.

It is definitely worth the additional effort to mow the lawn frequently for maintaining its ideal height. It will be sensible to mow the lawn at the interval of 5 to 7 days even at the time of peak growth.

The frequency of mowing is going to depend on the ideal height of your lawn which can vary during the growing period depending on the growing conditions.

In general, while mowing, make it a point not to remove in excess of one-third of the total length of the grass blade at a single cutting.

The best way to get this done will be to figure out the ideal height of your turf and let it develop one-third longer prior to mowing.