Cucumbers on trellis

How to Grow Cucumbers on a Trellis – All You Need to Know

Do you want to grow cucumbers on a trellis? Are you looking for some proven ways to make it easy? If yes, you are in the right place. You can grow cucumbers on a trellis. It will look great and can help with many benefits.

You can save space in your garden and grow many other plants underneath the trellis. Also, it will minimize the risk of diseases and pests. The plant can grow fast with better airflow. Eventually, you will love the gorgeous cucumbers.

Do you want to know how to do it right? We are here to offer all the possible help. We will cover different aspects to enable you to grow cucumbers on a trellis. Let’s start with cucumber plants. 

Best Plants to Grow on a Trellis

You might know that there are two varieties of cucumbers. These are vining varieties and bush varieties. Bush varieties cannot climb. They are not the best choice to grow on a trellis.

Therefore, you will have to consider vining varieties if you want to grow cucumbers on a trellis. You will find many options in vining varieties. We can take the example of the lemon, Marketmore, and Sumter. You can get any of your favorite vining cucumber plants.

How to Choose a Trellis

In trellises, options are many. However, you need one for your cucumber plant.

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Before buying a trellis, you should know what you want. You should know how many plants you want to grow. You should also ensure that you can harvest cucumbers from all sides. If you choose a lean flat trellis and use it against a fence, then the cukes might not get enough room for growth.

You can consider a solid and well-built trellis. The height should be five to six feet tall. It is worth mentioning that the plant will grow fast and fill the space. Therefore, the plant should have enough space to spread out. Let’s know more about the available Trellises options.

  • A-Frame: It will offer easy harvesting and solid structure for proper growth. However, it will take a lot of space.
  • Arches: It looks appealing and ensures easy harvesting. However, it might not last long.
  • Grid Trellis: It will save space and can be attached to a fence.
  • Chicken Wire: It is easy to make, easy to climb, and inexpensive.
  • Tomato Cages: It is cheap but small.

These are a few popular choices. You can choose the one that fits your budget and planting needs.

How to Start Planting in Trellis

You can start planting in the spring. Cucumber plants will require fertile soil from the beginning. Therefore, you will have to prepare the soil before planting. You can choose the location depending on the size of the trellis.

Make sure that the area is easy to access and easy to harvest. Also, cucumber plants need enough sunlight to grow. Therefore, you will have to choose a sunny area.

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If you do not want to plant in the ground, you can use a container. The container needs to be large enough to support the weight and size of the trellis. If you are using a container, you will have to water the plant more often.

The container soil will dry up fast, and that might impact the growth of the plant. 

How to Take Care of the Plants

Cucumber plants do not demand a lot of care. With an adequate amount of water, fertilizer, and sunlight, the plant can grow. However, if you want to grow them on a trellis, you will have to focus on the following.

Sun & Temperature

The cucumber plants need enough sun exposure for proper growth. They will require eight hours of sun minimum per day. Also, you will have to take care of the temperature. Cucumbers can survive in sixty to ninety degrees Fahrenheit temperature.

When the temperature is low, you can use black plastic sheets as mulch. It will absorb the heat and keep the plant warm.


Cucumber plants will require lots of water for growth. Excessive water is also not good. You will have to ensure that the soil is wet. The fruits and leaves should stay dry. Otherwise, too much moisture might cause diseases.


You can use loam-type soil. This soil is considered the best for cucumber plants. Clay will not be suitable. If loam soil is not available, you can use sandy soil. But make sure that your plant is getting the required nutrients from other sources. 

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As stated earlier, you will need fertilized soil for cucumber plants. They will not grow properly without fertilized soil. Before planting, you need to mix manure, compost, or fertilizer into the soil. The plant needs nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous for growth.

All these nutrients will help to fight diseases. Also, they will encourage flowering. You can add fertilizer in the fall or early summer. You can sprinkle it around the plant to maximize the benefits.

How to Ensure Proper Growth

Vining varieties will climb naturally. However, some plants might require help to climb. They can venture onto other plants and stay on the ground. If it happens, you can tie the plant to the trellis.

You can use string, twine, wire, zip ties, and fabric straps to tie the plant. You will have to tie the plant loosely.  

You might need to prune the plant if it gets rowdy. You will have to prune from the bottom and prune the secondary vines always. You should not prune the main vines. For pruning, you should use a bypass pruner. Anvil pruners might damage the stem.

You can grow cucumbers on a trellis. It is easy and does not demand much effort. You just need to know how to do it right. Always choose a sunny area. Sun exposure will promote growth. Also, choose the right plant.

All the cucumber plants cannot climb. In addition to the above, you will have to make sure that the plant is getting adequate water. Maintain the required temperature and use fertilizers whenever needed.

By following these simple steps, you can grow cucumbers on a trellis. In the end, you are going to appreciate your effort!